Medical transport

Schiedam Taxi Centrale - Zorgvervoer

Schiedam Taxi Service organizes your transport to and from the hospital with its specialized medical care transport. We know these moments require extra attention. If you have to regularly go to the hospital to a medical specialist or another practitioner, but don’t have anyone to drive you, we are at your service. Schiedam Taxi service provides you with an experienced driver. This service is available for anyone.

In a lot of cases, your ride can be completely paid for by your medical insurance. In this case Schiedam Taxi Centrale takes care of the entire handling process. So you don’t have to advance any money and we can settle the payment afterward, based on your insurance contract. Do you have a folding wheelchair? It can be easily transported in the boot. Our experienced drivers will ensure always that you arrive at your destination comfortably, safely and in plenty of time.

How can you reach your driver?

Need a driver urgently? Call Schiedam Taxi Service at 010-4102030 or book a ride by emailing Make it easy for yourself and contact us 24 hours in advance. We take you to your hospital or medical specialist without worries.

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