School transport

Schiedam Taxi Centrale - School transport

Schiedam Taxi Service also provides school transport. We take different student groups to and from school safely and on time every day. Opt for school transport with Schiedam Taxi Service and you do not have to worry anymore about taking your children to school.

At present we are driving for the Abahuis, a centre for children and young people with behavioral and developmental disorders. We have the experience, the care and knowledge to cope with these kind of situations and provide comfortable and smooth transport. We are, of course, willing to work with all other schools in Schiedam and Rotterdam. This can be contract based, for instance for swimming classes, in which case we can discuss all your needs, but also for a special occasion such as a school trip or an excursion. Due to their experience, our employees are perfectly able to take students in a friendly and experienced way to school or to pick them up. With Schiedam Taxi Service, your students can count upon a safe trip to and from school, time and again!

How to contact Schiedam Taxi Service

Would you like to know more about school transport? This is possible! It is easy to contact us by calling 010-4102030 or through We are at your service. We’d love to take your child to and from school.

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